4 Interesting Facts About Handmade Jewelry

4 Interesting Facts About Handmade Jewelry

Despite what many people think, handmade jewelry doesn’t have to rhyme with expensive purchases. Indeed, you can find affordable pieces that are stunning, of quality and that will last a lifetime. Buying handmade jewelry has a lot of perks and here are four of them:

1. Each piece is unique

The beauty of handmade jewelry is that it guarantees a unique design, very different from the mass-produced jewelry. On the market, most of the jewelry looks the same and designs lack originality. Why look the same when each person is unique? With handmade jewelry, you can purchase a piece that perfectly fits your style and is according to your taste. Finding a unique piece that you love can be a way of differentiating yourself from others by expressing your one-of-a-kind personality.

2. No automation, only dedication!

No machines are used in the creation of handcrafted jewelry. The artisans are the ones that put their heart and energy into making the most gorgeous jewelry. The important aspect here is delivering a product that is meaningful and has a value. Speeding up the production process isn’t the main purpose of this way of making jewelry. It is not the number of pieces created that matters. The attention to detail is at the center stage.

3. Valuing the quality

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your favorite piece of jewelry become damaged (discoloration, bad skin reactions etc.) after it has only been worn a few times. But this is rarely the case with handmade jewelry where you know exactly what materials were used. Also, the quality is assured by the creation of the jewelry with the purest metals and fabrics. Jewelry makers take enormous pride in their work so be assured that the pieces created will be of quality.

4. Cultural connection

Getting your hands on handmade jewelry certainly can create a connection to the culture that inspired their creations. Indeed, each jewelry is linked to a certain heritage. For example, the jewelry can refer to a legacy, belonging to various tribes or ethnic groups. By valuing this way of jewelry-making, you value the history and the meaning behind each handmade piece. Also, you take into consideration the importance of preserving heritage through keeping ancestral techniques alive for many generations to come.

Moroccan Birds deeply believes that a piece of jewelry is a real piece of art, a unique sculpture that we need to cherish and be honored to own. It is the reason why we proudly offer a one-of-a-kind handmade Moroccan jewelry collection. Each piece is unique, handcrafted with dedication and love, and represents the individuality of every woman. The diversity of our products is for everyone’s taste. Have a peek at our handmade jewelry best-sellers:

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