4 Tips to Maintain Sparkling Sterling Silver Jewelry

4 Tips to Maintain Sparkling Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is one of the most used metal in the world. It's not only its brightness but also its versatile look that makes silver so popular.  While caring for your silver jewelry is very easy and convenient, many of us don’t realize its importance.

Here are 4 preventive and aftercare tips for long-lasting sterling silver:

1. Know when to wear (and not to wear) your jewelry: The positive news is that wearing your silver jewelry often is actually a good thing. In fact, the oil in your skin will maintain the brilliance of silver.  However, it's important to remove it in some situations to avoid the contact with chemicals that tarnish the silver. Here are some examples:

  • When in contact with water (showering, swimming or spas)

  • When doing housework (cooking, gardening, wash the dishes or laundry)

  • When exercising or playing any type of sport

  • When getting ready (lotions, hair spray, cosmetics are considered enemies of silver)

2. When not worn, maintain proper storage: The way you store your silver jewelry is very important. In fact, humidity and sunlight exposure can damage your jewelry.  To avoid tarnishing, you should store your silver jewelry in an air-tight bag. We recommend using the linen purse given with all Moroccan Birds items. Also, don’t forget to store the pieces individually to avoid scratching.

3. Polish jewelry often: Even if you follow the two first tips, sterling silver can still get a bit dirty.  A quick way to clean it would be with a soft cloth. When polishing the jewelry, we recommend not rubbing in circles as it can make the tarnish even worse. Always make sure to use different parts of the cloth to avoid spreading the tarnish. Even if it's an easy process, you should be careful when polishing your jewelry. In fact, you should avoid rubbing oxidized part of the sterling silver. 

4. Use a homemade cleaning solution: Some of you are storing their jewelry pieces properly and polishing them frequently but something is still missing: the brilliance. How to have a shiny jewelry again using an at home recipe. Here you go: mix warm water with baking soda, add a small amount on a soft toothbrush and scrub away the tarnish. Then, wash the silver piece with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth. Do not follow this cleaning method with silver jewelry that contains pearls and gemstones as it can damage the stones.

Caring for your sterling silver jewelry is key for a long-lasting and sparkling piece. The process is fast and easy. Give your jewelry a pop by following these tips! 

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