The Berber Alphabet Collection

The Berber Alphabet Collection

Moroccan Birds pieces have always been deeply inspired by the Berber culture. As explained in our article about Moroccan tribes, Berber is one of the most ancient tribes. The term ‘’Berber’’ comes from the Roman word ‘’Barbarian’’, but Berbers call themselves ‘’Amazigh’’ which signifies ‘’free people’’. They have their own language and preserve their culture in a modernized world.

For our fall collection, the designer got inspired by the Berber Alphabet. 9 letters particularly attracted the designer’s attention. The symbols are outstanding with a lot of symmetrical lines and uncommon shapes. The only letter that’s quite similar to the Latin alphabet is the letter “C”. The other letters are composed of straight lines and/or circles.

Since our mission is to create jewelry that has a history and a meaning, we decided to attribute to each letter a value we believe in. Here are the 9 values we hold close to our heart at Moroccan Birds:  

We’ve also added some basics to the new collection. We wanted to have timeless earrings, rings, and bracelets that you can easily mix and match with more authentic pieces.


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