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New Summer Choker Collection

Summer is here and in full swing. The sun is shining, and the heat is climbing. You want to wear the right jewelry that fits your summer outfits, but you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the heat? Moroccan Birds got you covered! We are very proud to announce our new summer choker collection! But why new summer chokers? What is the inspiration behind this new collection? What are the materials used in the creation of these summer chokers? All of your questions will be answered.

Chokers are very versatile jewelry pieces, you can wear them with almost anything! Because our first choker collection was a success, we thought why not make a new choker collection that would be perfect for this summer! The main source of inspiration for this collection was the designer's previous trip to Marrakesh, the city where she’s originally from.  Indeed, it is by exploring and walking around the colorful streets of the city that the color palette of the collection was found. The new summer choker collection comes in three colors inspired by the vibrant life of Marrakesh: Majorelle blue, Magenta pink, and Emerald green. The color ‘’Majorelle blue’’ comes from the Majorelle garden: an emblematic location of the city. It is a deep cobalt blue that can be found on many buildings, houses, and mosaics of Marrakesh. Magenta pink is a slight variation of the rose pink color that characterizes Marrakesh (also called the ‘’Rose city’’). It is a color that pops a bit more than the traditional rose pink. As for the green, it comes from the many different variations of green in the city, from turquoise green to grass green, it is the earthy shades of green that inspired us. 

Like the previous choker collection, all the new chokers are made using ‘’Sfifa’ and silk threads, two fabrics used in the making of the traditional Moroccan dress called ‘’Kaftan’’. However, the closure of the new chokers is very much different. Indeed, each choker has a closure known as “Tasaab” in Arabic, which is normally used to close the Kaftan’s belt.

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