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Silver Artisans 

The silver pieces are handmade by artisans located in the Southern Morocco, a region well-known for its silver craftsmanship. The history of this craft started in the 1500’s, when the Jews came to Morocco and brought their jewelry-making expertise. They shared their know-how with their Muslim and Berber neighbors and it has been transmitted from generation to generation since then.

Unfortunately, high volumes of cheaper manufactured jewelry are flooding the market which makes it very difficult for the remote craftsmen to keep making a living out of their savoir-faire. While traveling in the south of Morocco, Zineb and Rim had the chance to meet a lot of these craftsmen who struggle but keep fighting because they value their inheritance. They believe they must perpetuate their knowledge and keep transmitting it to future generations.

Today, at Moroccan Birds, we feel deeply concerned about helping these artisans and empowering them while preserving their legacy and showcasing it to the world. That is why we produce 100% Moroccan, artisanal, and supportive jewels while ensuring that our artisans work in good conditions with fair remunerations.

Skalli Threads Artisans 

The skalli threads pieces are handmade in Casablanca, a city well-known for the variety of its fabrics. Skalli threads are gold or silver yarns used to embroider the typical Moroccan dress called the kaftan. The artisans we work with are tailors who are used to sew the kaftan with all the finesse and precision that this task requires.

In the kaftan, you usually find: the “sfifa” which are braided trimmings of skalli yarns, the “akad” which are the buttons to close the kaftan, the “serifa” to adjust the belt, and the “tasaab” to adorn the belt’s closure.

Moroccan Birds revisits these fabrics in innovative and fun accessories such as chokers, headbands, bracelets, belts, phone holders, glasses holders and the newly launched mask holders.

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