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Moroccan Birds is born in 2018 out of two sisters’ love for jewelry and appreciation for their home country’s crafts. Zineb and Rim always shared a common vision for their brand: empowering local silver craftsmen and showcasing their amazing know-how worldwide.

Based in New York, Zineb is the designer and co-founder of the brand. She is constantly looking for new ways to combine tradition and trends through her jewelry designs. She gets greatly inspired by Moroccan traditional tribal signs which enable her to create timeless sophisticated collections with strong aesthetics that hint the brand origin. Also, Zineb’s training at Studio Jewelers in New York helped her improve her expertise while her passion for design and fashion allows her to stay in touch with the latest trends.

Based in Casablanca, Rim is the CEO and co-founder of the brand. In 2017, she spent 6 months traveling around Morocco to meet talented silver craftsmen. During her trip, she realized that due to many challenges, the young generation is moving away from this traditional craft and that Moroccan Birds could contribute to the safeguard of this unique savoir-faire. Today, she works in close collaboration with the local artisans as they strive to produce top quality pieces. Also, Rim’s master degree in e-commerce put her naturally in charge of the marketing and sales strategies as well as the creation of quality content to share with MB’s community.

Since their young age, the sisters always felt a strong attachment to jewelry. They inherited this passion from their mother who has always used jewelry as a way of expressing her style and personality. Inspired by their mother and all the other powerful women they meet throughout their journey, Zineb and Rim take good pride in creating meaningful empowering collections that help women define who they are.

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