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WS Lines n°2 bracelet in Rose Gold Rust

WS Lines n°2 bracelet in Rose Gold Rust

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Warm color tones for the Lines n°2 bracelet.

  • Ethically handmade in Morocco
  • Hours to be produced: 3 hours 

Also available in Rose Gold Amber or Gold Denim.


Made of Gold threads.

In Morocco, it's called "sfifa" (braided trimmings of gold skalli threads) and it's tradionnally used to embroider the Moroccan dress called the Kaftan.


The moving knot makes it adjustable to any size from 5.5" to 8” (14cm to 21cm).


The fabric is waterproof so you don't have to worry about wearing your jewelry all the time.

When not worn, place it in the linen pouch offered with your purchase.


Shipping is free for all orders in Morocco.

Shipping costs between $10 to $20 for international orders and is free for all orders over $175.

Please head to checkout for the exact cost depending on your location.

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